*We Drive, You Fly*

Wedding Crasher Flavors

1. Sweet

2. Vanilla

3. Earthy

What is Wedding Crasher?

Wedding Crasher is a cross of Wedding Cake & Purple Punch. The strain has a 'mellow earthy kushy food-like' aroma with notes of gas, spice, & blue sports-drink. Some phenotypes lean more towards their Wedding Cake heritage; featuring a stronger body-high along with a more "woodsy kushy" terpene profile. Grinding down the buds on these phenotypes brings out an "OGesk fuel-like campfire" aroma. Other phenotypes lean more towards their Purple Punch ancestry; delivering a soothing tranquil effect along with a flavor reminiscent of old-school Grandaddy Purple. Each phenotype of Wedding Crasher has its own unique variation of flavor & medicinal effect.

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